Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, I'm sitting at home now. I just plowed through a list of twenty things I have to do in about 45 minutes. This makes me wonder why the hell I procrastinate. That stuff has been weighing on me for quite some time, and now it's all done. Anyway, I am currently in limbo... between school and a job... and it should be an amazing feeling. In fact, most of the time it IS an amazing feeling. I love being with Elek all day... but by about 6:30 at night I've had it and I'm ready to call a sitter. To which Peter says: "It's an hour and half til his bedtime" and I reply "he'll be cute again in the morning, I just can't handle such overwhelmingly large doses of toddler with no breaks".

I don't envy stay at home moms.... I commend them. I place some weird value on making money, while these women stand by supporting their family, cooking, cleaning, and just all around BEING THERE with nothing but emotional compensation. On one hand I can't wait to have a job, and on the other, I know I will cry my eyes out the first few days Elek is in daycare. Oh.... life's lessons just keep getting harder. As I get older and, thank Universe, more mature... I realize balance is EVERYTHING. Limits and routines keep us all sane... toddlers, adults, and elderly alike. When I was younger I always wanted to get in the car and just "drive til we ran out of gas"... but now, I see... that would be fun for a week... maybe two.... but the necessity of routine... be it in one town or a nomadic lifestyle... is still necessary.

OH and interesting stories:

My child is the Cat Whisperer. Peter's mom, Gran, has been out of town since last Friday. She has two cats, Stan and Henry, for whom we are responsible while she's gone.... yeah I locked Stan out on the back screened porch overnight on Tuesday. Elek and I show up on Wednesday morning and Stan is wailing like a banshee. Then Elek started meowing, "Help! Help!" and I did a double-take and asked Elek, "Is that what Stan is saying?" .... and Elek kept meowing "Help!" I wish I had video.... so anyway... yes, our child is telepathic.

Second, Stan peed all over the porch and I had to break Gran's screen door after I locked myself out. Oh, the joys of being a delinquent daughter-in-law! She still likes me somehow.... I made fajitas last night and put drugs in her guacamole. Sneaky, sneaky!

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Rona said...

I REALLY can't wait to meet Elek. You have no idea.