Wednesday, July 16, 2014

a song

see a light ... split a thousand 
         different ways
a child who bows his 
    head when he prays ...
taking everything for
we forget what we didn't have
until one wanders off
to find themselves...
and here we are alone

take me back
to my simple faith
may i never leave

Thursday, December 26, 2013


i am in a city like Calais... there are cobblestones and the maidens dresses, like the one i am wearing... have layers and layers and layers...

and as i am being dragged i refuse to walk and i refuse to give anyone an iota of pleasure... hate and judgment and the culmination of many men's fears will be dissolved once this happens... i will be executed and i am being dragged through the streets of calais and i smell piss and shit and sweat and semen and it is disgusting and my soul is my own and it will never be anyone else's.... my indignance infuriates the man dragging me and he roughens his grip on the rope he is dragging me with and shoots a look at me like he will kick me but he keeps on going... and as i am dragged to the guillotine the man in the black mask lifts the cloth over his face to get a better look at me and i clear my throat before i spit in his face knowing this is the last memory of this lifetime.

as i watch this, i feel an intense sense of pride in my dreamworld because there is nothing accomplished by my head being removed. i am here for truth and to express truth. it is what i do and it will not stay in. there is no need for it to stay in ... every time i ever feared expressing the truth has all led up to now and here and the only reason i am here is because there is nothing to fear BUT FEAR. and it is time for the truth to pour out. there will be no squelching it

when enough people are speaking their own personal experience of truth while living the truth and being the truth we will all create a symphony of truth and our planet feels this coming and it is so beautiful. so very beautiful. we are the world changers. we are the world changers. just keep writing. be here now. just keep writing. be here now.

light becomes words... session 2

so Rachael...

she giggles at my frenetic response and i feel that she can tell. and she can. and i will tell you about Rachael. how she somehow arrived and it was all meant to be and how there is no amount of squeezing on this earth that could express the undying love i have for her. anyway. who cares about squeezing. for some reason i feel like squeezing means you really mean it.

i am now here to tell you of how it came to be. the breach. the birth. the rebirth. where i am now. how i can tap in. how we are all always tapped in even if we are plugging our fingers in our ears and screaming LALALALLALALAALALAL

because the truth penetrates the ALL ... and god=truth ... there is no need for names or dogma or really anything if we are being here now... this need for classification and labels may have served someone at some time but it serves no one right here right now for me

what matters is that i just saw a homeless man on his knees on the sidewalk as i was driving. i thought he lost something but truly just intense curiosity overcame me and i had to slow to a crawl and see he was just running his fingers over the grass oh so lightly... just letting it tickle the underside of his fingers and palms and barely touching it enough to really get the grass between his fingers but to feel the lovely 66 degree temperature that feels so much more dense on the blades of grass and how they feel like god is kissing you with each touch of nature and i just had to drive past him because i was worried that I would make him feel self-conscious and really who the f*ck cares because it was so beautiful and i just could have stopped my car and wept and hugged this man but i didn't want to interrupt his moment with the grass and really this is all so intense and intensely surreal that i just couldn't stop thinking "i wish that was me" ... and now... booming from within... so deep within... from underneath my deepest depths of Self... i know YES.. HE IS ME. I AM HIM. I feel the grass and it is so beautiful and it caresses me in understanding... and i know the grass is reaching for his fingers as he is reaching for the grass and the universe is showing this to quantum physicists in labs but the universe is REALLY showing this to a precious man without a home but who is so very home on his knees on the sidewalk worshipping being here now. i know he understands. and because he understands, i understand and it is so beautiful i could weep. but there is no time to weep now because there has been no time to write. and now is time to write.

just start writing. be here now. just start writing. be here now. just start writing.
no judgment. no hesitation. no anxiety. no worry. only this. only you. only me. we are the same.

I become a conduit and light shoots through my hands and i begin to type.... Session 1


be here now. just start writing. be here now. just start writing.
so i have this idea that i already know exactly what i should write and it will all pour out of me and i know this is true. the divine essence that is all of us is begging to express itself. begging. pleading... aching for expression. so Rachael....

who is Rachael? Rachael is....

my mother, my grandmother, my sister, my cousin, Isaac's wife, she is a shimmering ray of light from the diamond we are all part of the diamond couldn't exist without Rachael... that is impossible. how to write this? she is a ray of light shining in my eyes from a ring on the hand of god... yet she is god completely. she giggles like a child and she knows like a sage. she understands like a father and soothes like a mother.

Rachael knows the stars... she reads them... none of us will ever know all but she KNOWS ALL. you know THE all. She knows that. and she helps me see the part of me that knows ALL. and ALL will no longer be stifled... I am now a vessel of all and this is why i am here... i have to tell you my journey and how i got here and what happened and how now and here everything is just perfection. it is all just a giant magnifying glass or a periscope or a reflection in a pool or a vision in a crystal ball and it's why i am here.
and you may not know it but it's why you are here, too

this is the time... we are all in our places and the play is beginning. but there is no script... and it begins again now. and now. and everything is beautiful. the rain is beautiful because each drop of a cloud is still all cloud. and each drop of the ocean is still all ocean. and it's beautiful just because. because it IS.
there is no way to keep it in anymore. it won't be an option. i see a vision of the many armed hindu god... i have no idea the name but there are so many arms i can't count them right now, nor do i care to
these arms, in my mind, are all attached to the seven different chakras... i prefer the term energy centers for this. i know what the energy centers are in my body but i don't know them as chakras. ENOUGH. enough explaining. you are here because you understand or you want to understand or maybe because your guides just wanted you to SEE this and know that there is an outpouring of information that is available to each of us and all of us and this is what is happening now. exactly as it should. and as this information is pouring out of my hands and as these vibrating strings of light are pushing laptop keys in my backyard, i hear the song of crickets and a dog barking and a bird talking. i feel the trees supporting me and the water moving up from the earth into the trunk and into the branches and leaves and i feel the sun moving into the leaves and down the branches and through the trunk and down down down into the earth... into Gaia... and she is so grateful. .she is so grateful for the light in the roots and there is this beautiful song of communication that i just MISS if i'm worrying and i just MISS it if i'm anxious... but sitting here, now, in this chair in my backyard, i feel it all... i hear it... i sense the song... the song being played perfectly, flawlessly. there is a symphony. a constant symphony. and i know that's why music raises our frequency because it aligns us all and that vein of truth and beauty and harmonious frequency keeps all the mental chatter out. keeps the projection away. NO future. NO past... only symphony. only existence.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

dancing with the divine

whispers in the wind suggest magic
beckoning me closer and closer
i feel a tugging in a place so deep
denying the seeker within is not an option

in Ireland there are holy wells
thin places
between now and forever- a looking glass of sorts

my holy well is calling
hints of connection
now shamelessly flirting with the infinite

love pulses through my eyes and lips
and fingertips
i can feel it gushing through me in waves of light
burning fear and incessant mindless thoughts
forever exists in this very moment
and fear is but a collapsable marionette
of my own creation
a phantom that never ceases
to evaporate in the white light

closer and closer
my holy well is calling
a thin place drawing me in

yes, yes is my answer

the universe is conspiring for my illumination

little angels

little angels
sent with tears
each one causes me to dive
must catch the feeling
harness the wave
ride it home
where did you come from, little prince?
may i shield you? protect you?
keep you from harm?
no... no, no...

Monday, December 9, 2013

when the pressure is on you, start...

I've been doing a lot of writing but I wasn't ready to share until now... So, here we go... prepare to take a cosmic journey down the rabbit hole of my mind's a safer place than most ;)