Thursday, December 26, 2013


i am in a city like Calais... there are cobblestones and the maidens dresses, like the one i am wearing... have layers and layers and layers...

and as i am being dragged i refuse to walk and i refuse to give anyone an iota of pleasure... hate and judgment and the culmination of many men's fears will be dissolved once this happens... i will be executed and i am being dragged through the streets of calais and i smell piss and shit and sweat and semen and it is disgusting and my soul is my own and it will never be anyone else's.... my indignance infuriates the man dragging me and he roughens his grip on the rope he is dragging me with and shoots a look at me like he will kick me but he keeps on going... and as i am dragged to the guillotine the man in the black mask lifts the cloth over his face to get a better look at me and i clear my throat before i spit in his face knowing this is the last memory of this lifetime.

as i watch this, i feel an intense sense of pride in my dreamworld because there is nothing accomplished by my head being removed. i am here for truth and to express truth. it is what i do and it will not stay in. there is no need for it to stay in ... every time i ever feared expressing the truth has all led up to now and here and the only reason i am here is because there is nothing to fear BUT FEAR. and it is time for the truth to pour out. there will be no squelching it

when enough people are speaking their own personal experience of truth while living the truth and being the truth we will all create a symphony of truth and our planet feels this coming and it is so beautiful. so very beautiful. we are the world changers. we are the world changers. just keep writing. be here now. just keep writing. be here now.

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