Sunday, July 4, 2010

The God of Not Good Enough

We live in a society that tells us that we were born into imperfection. We started flawed, we screw up every day and we are destined to continue screwing up as our lives progress. I've always deep down considered my inadequacy a byproduct of my upbringing in the super-conservative, bipolar, addicted/victimized household of either "I'm so addicted that I need God" or "I'm such a martyr/victim of my circumstance and my addicted loved one that I need God." My dad always knew he wasn't good enough. His mom always knew she wasn't good enough and imposed her unfulfilled expectations on her youngest son (and I'm sure all of her children but I only witnessed it directed toward my father.) I was never thin enough for God to love me as much as he could have.

I have self-esteem... I am confident in who I am. The God of Not Good Enough is just another perfect example of how to control the masses by abusing them emotionally and psychologically. The best way to control the masses is to make them think less of themselves. Promise them gold and riches that beyond which will ever be realized in this lifetime. The truth is, if you care about money and stuff.... you'll never realize that heaven is here and now. You are perfect. Jesus wanted the poor and the hungry to know that they deserved to have their feet washed, too. Playing with a child is entering the kingdom of God. You are perfect just the way you are and to embrace your divine nature just makes you even more you. If you do one thing today please just know that you are doing what you can to make it and that you are a divine being created and sustained by love. You and your loved ones are perfect... you are loved and you are here to love others. To experience and share love with perfect strangers and your best friends.

No Jesus that I know would disagree.

What do you think? In what ways has your divine nature been able to overcome what you were taught versus what you know is true?


Rona said...

This is really powerful...and exactly what I needed.

Randal Cooper said...

I'm of the mind that we're supposed to try to make heaven here on earth for each other, and not worry so much about what sort of heaven we can achieve after we die.

I may not be good enough to make it to Valhalla/The Pearly Gates/Hangin' With a Large Quantity of Virgins, but I'm good enough to share my sandwich with someone who's hungry, or try to make someone who's down feel better about themself.

Scott Banbury said...

Heaven IS here on Earth and our lives are only a cyclic attempt to make things a little more nearly right than wrong. Joy is the unshackling of the mind from preconceptions. Realization follows conception and recreation is pro-creation.

LatinaDiana said...

Scott Banbury-- who are you and where did you come from? I find that my ingrained preconceptions of existence make it hard to unleash my divine existence in its full capacity-- any recommendations? I have a book called Shaving the Inside of Your Skull and the exercises seem to help-- Maybe i should dust it off and bring it out and use some of the "shavings" as blog posts... :)

sbanbury said...

LatinaDiana, I'm here all over Memphis. My wife and I CHOOSE to live right lives in voluntary simplicity as good public citizens. Look us up sometime--we're on facebook.