Tuesday, December 10, 2013

dancing with the divine

whispers in the wind suggest magic
beckoning me closer and closer
i feel a tugging in a place so deep
denying the seeker within is not an option

in Ireland there are holy wells
thin places
between now and forever- a looking glass of sorts

my holy well is calling
hints of connection
now shamelessly flirting with the infinite

love pulses through my eyes and lips
and fingertips
i can feel it gushing through me in waves of light
burning fear and incessant mindless thoughts
forever exists in this very moment
and fear is but a collapsable marionette
of my own creation
a phantom that never ceases
to evaporate in the white light

closer and closer
my holy well is calling
a thin place drawing me in

yes, yes is my answer

the universe is conspiring for my illumination

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