Friday, July 9, 2010

"does everyone deserve to be happy?"


i find that the concept of happiness (in terms of contentment) has everything to do with your own perception and assimilation of your environmental surroundings and circumstances.

i think contentment is something that takes work. it is like having a great body-- it's available to 99% of people... you just have to work for it. every day. little decisions about this thing that just happened or the driver that cut you off.... each reaction compiles into our level of contentment.

happy happy. the super-emotional happy.... happy vs. sad vs. angry vs. embarrassed happy... now that is something that you truly can not and should not be all the time-- without balance and calm and peace there is just no way to sustain it-- like MDMA (Ecstasy)-- it's a forced chemical response that weakens your ability to feel pure joy and elation in the future

and then there's money/riches/stuff=happy -- i think this is the fuel of demons... the empty pit that preys on possessions of others in search of that artificial MDMA high.... just to keep it going... just to get a fix "if i could just..." that mentality keeps everyone from growing

so-- all of that being said... "does everyone deserve to be happy?" i think we each owe it to our selves to strive for contentment. to seek a pure, unadulterated love that we wrap ourselves around and it wraps itself around us... the kind of love that oozes out of you-- your happiness can be contagious-- the kind of love and warmth that truly drives out fear and negativity and greed.

i just focus on me and I find that I am drawn to those who are followers of love. not leeches of my energy or people who cloud my clear sky.


sbanbury said...

You're on to something here, Diana. If only we all spent more time reCreating in hammocks stretched between shading trees, laughing libatiously, most of our world's problems would be solved.

Peter said...

"little decisions about this thing that just happened or the driver that cut you off" Are you referring to me!?

I think we all deserve to be happy, though we can't be happy all the time. Without feeling sad sometimes, happiness loses its meaning.

I'm glad you've started posting again. Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness

LatinaDiana said...

referring to YOU?! -- i think the vibrations we send into the universe--- while we are sending an outward vibration we are also sending an inward vibration. so your road rage is doing you as much damage (if not more) than it is doing to those sitting and/or driving around you. worth considering, maybe?