Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ah, yes, rub your eyes again. Pinch yourself for good measure. At last, I have returned to the Blogger's Realm of Bloggerific Super-humans. The occasion, you ask? A freaking Bachelor's Degree. Nine years in the making. It better taste good. I don't know if I want to eat it, wipe my ass with it, or bury it like a bone and dig it up later. Anyway.... I'm delirious....I turned in a 15 page paper last Thursday, so this is all proving to be quite surreal and definitely hasn't hit me yet.

Elek will be TWO on October 6!!! He is growling like a jaguar (not to mention reaching, climbing, and jumping like a jaguar), and barking like a dog, and doing all sorts of funny animal things. The other day he was actually slithering on my bedroom floor. Okay, so it was more of a military crawl.... but I haven't seen anything remotely resembling that since he was forced to military crawl as his sole form of self-propelled transportation. He runs everywhere... and he somehow sat through my year-long (read: almost two hours) graduation ceremony with hardly a peep (lol.... totally lying). Okay..... he didn't cry. He did, however, growl like a jaguar, "mrow, mROWWWW!" at all other threatening forms of small human being. Like his mother, the boy doesn't like to share the spotlight. *sigh*

Elek is on YouTube... click the pic below:

So, yes, he is the light of my life and he loves his blanket :) How have ya'll been?

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Rona said...

Seriously. I can't get over the fact that somebody I know created that. HE'S AMAZING.