Wednesday, December 12, 2007

to each his own.

7:30 AM - to each his own
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After a childhood full of organized religion (being told I wasn't worshiping "hard" enough, showing up to watch the crazies roll around and cry every Sunday, Wednesday, and other special 'revival' meetings to make more money) that i'm being seen as a disappointment in any sense of the word. Like Jerry Maguire said:

"I had two slices of bad pizza, went to bed, and grew a CONSCIENCE!"

One day, while at Oral Roberts University, I went to a mandatory chapel meeting to listen to how everyone in Asia (specifically Nepal) is going to hell and how I must give my money to give them a chance to see a Christian (themselves... i was to send this money-hungry bastard to Nepal to mis-represent Christ with my money). It can be agreed, some people DO need guardrails on the highway of life, or big stuffed things for bowling gutters so they can't lose.. and for those people, there is organized religion.

In all actuality, the only scripture that alludes to a church-like setting is "do not forsake the gathering of believers" in Hebrews 13:5. Giving money is actually an Old Testament ritual that was done away with when Jesus died (duh, that's actually WHY he died.. to get rid of the old shit)... and then the whole New Testament was restructured in complete error... reincarnation was removed from the Bible during the Council of Constantinople (6th century AD)... i mean DAMN. you see? can you blame me for completely dissecting my own beliefs and choosing for myself which is correct? could someone applaud an independent mind rather than condemning a soul? judging what is unknown?

Some people need a gigantic illustration of God rather than just looking at the sunrise. Some people would rather watch a preacher on TV than watch ants carry a few muffin crumbs to their hill. Whatever... it doesn't matter to me.. to each his own. What matters to me is what connects me to all creation... my body, my emotions, my sense of what is real. Sometimes I get the feeling that Bible beaters feel they will be rewarded more in heaven for estranging themselves from their families for their beliefs. Doesn't it all come down to love? Isn't is really about loving someone for who they are rather than who you want or intend them to be. Whenever there is a motive behind an action that is not love... it somehow becomes selfish.

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