Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Mirror (enough time has passed now)

In your reflection


Lost forever

(In endless copies of self… with that damn mirror behind me)

What was affection

Now a section

Of Memory Past

(Entitled "thoughts of you".. yes, I mean, him)

and how life changes


and pages that leap away

(further into our respective pasts, or is it collective?)

and next time don't you

ask or won't you?

Stories make "us" live forever

(or were we never? God's sense of humor never seemed more rotten..)

New Orleans shaken

Love mistaken

Everything different

(somehow the same, I know)

Only protection

That stemmed from rejection

And all my dissection

(it tore us apart, I know)

On further inspection

So much perfection

Talking with eyes

(in which so few are fluent)

All a reflection

A distant perception

I hope there's not hatred

(when you look at you)

Someone will love you

Put none above you

There's no ill will toward you

(all chapters must end)


"To think I might not see those eyes/
Makes it so hard not to cry/
And as we say our long goodbye/
I nearly do." (snow patrol)

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