Wednesday, January 19, 2011

brainsplitting love gobs

if i told you my latest job you wouldn't believe me. it makes me giggle and roll my eyes and daydream and if i were someone else i would hate me. i'm working at the all-Spanish-all-day childcare center from 12-3 pm and i just have to relieve the teachers during naptime and touch each baby once every 15 minutes to make sure they are okay

seriously. and my first day was today. and i got off early. and babies smiled and laughed and cood at me.

i am not gloating; i swear. i am in complete disbelief.

day one is finished

boss wasn't there and all the babies were sleeping... so once all the babies were asleep i left

there is something about sitting in a dark room with sleeping babies and hispanic women you don't know that makes you think "hmmm... i'll come tomorrow in the morning so we don't have to whisper in the dark"

me: boss just put on a sticky which rooms for me to go to

Peter: oh ok

me: so the first room was amazing

the 6 wks to crawling room

Peter: awwww

me: and then every other room was passed out and the ladies were like what are you doing here

Peter: oh wow. nice.
 "But I have this sticky..."

me: but i got to practice a lot of spanish with the first room and went back and hung out with the teachers/babies in the first room until they all passed out

and then boss still wasn't there and i was thumb-twiddling

1:39 PM so i told receptionist to have boss call me and i'll plan on coming in earlier tomorrow so i can watch/learn the lunchtime routine

Peter: gotcha

me: i just felt like if i hung out then i would really be in the way-- there is literally nothing to supervise except for sleeping babies...
and i met most of them and spoke Spanish to all of them so hopefully i have some cred

Peter: understandable!

me: they wouldn't dare leave me alone with the sleeping babies without instruction

it seemed strange to leave but like it would be even weirder if i stayed
and i think they are all discussing my presence, etc. today and i explained why i was hired and when i would be there so they know i'm a good addition to the crew

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