Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i may have very well been stoned.

11:51 AM - the greatest mosaic ever made
Current mood: awake
Category: Life

universe. expansion. nebula. black hole. galaxy. star. sun. planet. earth. orbital path. moon. sea. tide. island. mountain. tree. elephant. anteater. parrot. alligator. chimpanzee. human body. brain. eye. ear. nose. lips. sense. immune system. salivary gland. follicle. cell. nucleus. atom. electron. science and religion. church and state. creation and evolution. is life really about the two extreme stances people take? or is it about marrying those extremes like bottles of ketchup at the end of a restauraunt shift for a greater end result? why is it that fifth grade science seems to slip everyone's mind??... i think that was the first and only time i ever cheated on a test. oh yeah, and I got caught, by the way. when we put everything in perspective... the small window we can see through encompassing everything from the universe to electrons... who are we to say that our field of view is the whole truth? i don't believe much.. but i do believe that the amnesia that occurs upon birth somehow lures us all to remember the answers.

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