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i fry mine in butter, indeed

Saturday, December 31, 2005
6:05 PM - i fry mine in butter, indeed
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by Kurt Vonnegut, from his "Timequake".

"That the impulse to laugh at healthy people who nonetheless fall down is by no means universal, however, was brought to my attention unpleasantly at a performance of Swan Lake by the Royal Ballet in London, England...A ballerina, dancing on her toes, went deedly-deedly-deedly into the wings as she was supposed to do. But then there was a sound backstage as though she had put her foot in a bucket and then gone down an iron stairway with her foot still in the bucket.
I instantly laughed like hell.
I was the only person to do so.
A similar incident happened at a performance of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra when I was a kid. It didn't involve me, though, and it wasn't about laughter. There was this piece of music that was getting louder and louder, and that was supposed to stop all of a sudden.
There was this woman in the same row with me, maybe ten seats away. She was talking to a friend during the crescendo, and she had to get louder and louder, too. The music stopped. She shrieked, 'I FRY MINE IN BUTTER!'"

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Rona said...

HAHAHAHAHA! can i steal this?? can i can i??

i'm still upset that i never had a chance to hump that man.