Tuesday, January 24, 2012


i was a butterfly once

fragile but so strong, i knew how to dance

i had sewn my eyes shut so i couldn't see what i should ever be afraid of

couldn't fathom or anticipate my demise

without sight i could only feel joy

only smell life, only taste love

then someone whispered we are all decaying

all thriving in our moments but trading our fiery essence

we are burning into the night and into each day

how peculiar this made things

and then i knew the ripe smell of life was only because death approached

and the taste of love so beautiful because it was tinged with tears of mourning

the sensation of joy was outlined by vast emptiness that exaggerated pure happiness

i mourn for my innocence

give up myself

to the river of dreams

drift softly into the current

and weep for my chrysalis


I died that day

When I didn’t think I could make it

I shifted gently from under my skin

And felt the relief of a cool stream on a hot day

Of a shady spot in the desert

Of a friend after years of loneliness

An embrace in a sea of inanimate objects

When they say the goal of life is “to die before you die”

I never knew what it meant

Until the one who promised me

To keep me away from siege

To hold off storms


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When you are a metaphor - an original

When you're a metaphor

Toy with the suggestion
The mere idea
Of what could be

The realm of possibility
Is endless
Breathe in and feel the magic

There is only so much
Future and memory
That can exist in this moment

Before it becomes hope
And delusion
Sad and contrived

My life exists in seasons
And fall is my own

When the garden can no longer be my home
Then thorns and briars remind me
What is real

A gentle guide that traces my path in the extreme boundaries of sensation

When flying and fighting
Are a gauge for living and breathing

Meet me at the edge