Thursday, September 15, 2011


it finally dawned on me
the answer

and, like watching a film in reverse, it
made sense before
it ever happened...

and after it all

we met... and we knew
(each other)

it couldn't work...
there was a reason
(there had to be)

but then you asked
and i answered

and we were
tried to be

flying (we became a comet)


the taste - we had
both promised
this would happen...
and we did

      deja vu
lives past

words words words
countless strings of seaweed
in our sea - i resent them
every day

games and twisted
tongues and lies
i hate them all

before words
we were


and we still are

and I hum in my
silence, my eyes
shining, a million
broken hearts

were my own

i mourned for
every lost
possibility of us
and now
              looking back

i see

Thursday, September 1, 2011

the seeker

feeling my way in the dark
not afraid but 

senses heightened 
i feel a heartbeat

i hear tormented screams 
from behind doors
far away
yet feel safe somehow
as long as 
i follow 
the drum of the heart

we are all made of stars
cosmic dust whirling 
pulsing with life

i love sensing 
chemical reactions
i smell sweat and
the heat is tangible

running my fingers along the walls
i realize they are alive and breathing

oh.. i giggle to myself and feel my surroundings tremble in reply
it seems i've fallen down another rabbit hole


i was never able to resist
playing with fire

staring so deep
investigating oranges, yellows and blues
deeper and deeper
until you feel a disturbance in your whole field of view

you see back through time... 
how fire kept man alive
something that commands respect
while it can warm you 

it's relieving to know 
i have no control
tie me up
throw me in
watch me burn