Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Big Easy

Drove in from New Orleans last night... it inspires every facet of artist within... and it doesn't seem to be just me.

art in every form explodes from the heart of the city.

as my love for the Big Easy has evolved, I much prefer the Quarter in the morning.. it is ethereal and reminds me of all the different versions of myself that have seen New Orleans and all the different myselfs that New Orleans has seen.

The ephemeral experience that New Orleans embodies consistently reminds me that a moment can last an eternity and an eternity can exist in a moment

To a Reader

by Robert Hass

I've watched memory wound you.
I felt nothing but envy.
Having slept in wet meadows,
I was not through desiring.
Imagine January and the beach,
a bleached sky, gulls, And
look seaward: what is not there
is there, isn't it, the huge
bird of the first light
arched above first waters
beyond our touching or intention
or the reasonable shore.


Samuel Goldwyn - "Include me out."