Friday, February 8, 2008

breathe in and feel the magic

you are so alive for every moment that is now

you are that smile

that energy...

you are the difference between firewood and a huge oak tree

you are the difference between a vase of roses and a field of wildflowers

you are alive

and you inspired me to write every word of this

you are very busy, dear one, even if you are still

because you are breaking hearts open and causing them to feel

and you are breaking minds open with your determination

and you are transcending every limit by existing in all of us

you may never understand how you glow

and that's okay

i send you my love, light, and the warmest of hugs

-i have written this for you, but this message is brought to you by the divine wisdom and knowledge that passes through each of us... this definitely applies to my mother... and to so many of you. i encourage all of you to break free of your bodies, lose your fear of death, and dare to truly love and in doing so, change the world.

i have dreamt several times of a sunset, much like the one below, and i know that death is a journey beyond the horizon of the sea. as we are further and further from the shore of this lifetime, we approach the limitless bounds of the universe (the ocean). take comfort in the fact that loved ones have made the voyage before you...

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