Wednesday, March 31, 2010

what's so freaking funny?!?

what's so funny? there was this gigantic black man at the bar last night that was SERIOUSLY 700 lbs-- or 400 or something... he was as big as a sumo wrestler however many pounds they are.. but a very nice disposition (i'm sure of all the things I just said about him, he would really appreciate the last part of that description)-- and he was the left-handed bassist for the band... it looked like a cartoon barbie guitar.... so teeny tiny on his gigantic body.... so I kept having this funny thought... the next time he put his guitar down (which never happened) I should run at him full speed just to see how far I would bounce off-- but it would be very dangerous (EXTREMELY!!! hahaha) so it would have to be on the grass outside and how do you get a guy like that to go to a safe place outdoors to literally physically attack him (i doubt it would hurt very much but still)

OH I KNOW--- sumo wrestler outfits-- we are having a 70s theme Spring Fling Thing and we are going to RENT SUMO OUTFITS because of my genius fantasy about the black man (see above)-- DRUNKEN SUMO!!!!!!!