Monday, August 29, 2011

i aspire to be an amalgamation

which characters have YOU fallen for - give me 1 or 10


Tom Sawyer - one word - mischief

Queen Elizabeth I - jailed, red-headed, victorious- sharp-tongued and beautiful -

Daisy in The Great Gatsby - a tragedy i saw coming from a million miles away but couldn't help but love her

Einstein - everything i've ever read about him, though he's not a fictional character, he's someone that I can't stop reading about -- and i love his silly side-- seemed like a guy who wasn't terrified of acting like a child in a beautiful way

...and a freebie (by the same token)

Frank Lloyd Wright - his autobiography, and Loving Frank, everything i've ever read about him has made me consider the way things fit together in his brain

-- i read SO MUCH historical fiction about these "characters" that i can't help but feel that they are just as real to me as any character in a book. how interesting that to read about someone makes me feel like i know them so much more than having studied them in school

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