Tuesday, March 29, 2011

exhale (an original)

I feel my heart where my head used to be

My eyes are so full of caring I dare not blink

I can’t speak for fear of overflowing

Like I’m carrying a full jug of saltwater

Attached to every feeling I’ve ever felt

All of this love makes it hard to shuffle paper

All of this sentience permeating my skeleton like a dry washcloth

Dropped into a well

Holding my breath until at last the tears subside

And the feelings flush from within me – like a storm

Receding just before the dam bursts

Please let this inner cleansing happen soon

Denying my humanity is so much easier when not being forced to reckon with my body

Oh the human condition

So frustrating when I consider

The divine blanket of the cosmos

I want to wrap myself in love


And drift away