Tuesday, June 29, 2010

do you even want to know what we're dealing with?!?

a snippet of an email from my sister:

"Wanna hear something insane? The Kenyan Bishop used my olive oil to annoint people (or marinate them)."

my response could only be an immediate:

UM OMG did he ask? whose olive oil? your moms? lol your mom. get it? no but seriously where did this olive oil come from EXACTLY.... italy? was it name brand? was it on the shelf? in the pantry? was it your own personal tiny bottle? i don't know why this is important but it is. and i need the career test. where did the anointing take place? these ppl are freakin crazy!! did anyone fall over? jesus h.

anyway... i'll continue my response later--

AHHHHHH olive oil jesus juice

oh and her response:

Okay, MY olive oil! But it was in the pantry up for grabs, but you know what kills me is that there are literally like FOUR bottles of canola. I mean, WTF? That stuff is five dollars. It was the normal size, not pocket size. And yes name brand. Also, if anyone fell over, I object for the sake of MY OIL. He did this on Friday night, at my house, and TRIED to do it Sunday night, but THANK THE LORD (hahahaha), that Eddie's mother objected. She picked it up, looked straight at him and said, "We're not gonna do this." Then, I assume she put it back in the pantry where it belongs."

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Rona said...

HAHAHA! "We're not gonna do this."