Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Addendum to "the pedestal"

i'm so horrible and vulgar-- but the only feedback i'm getting is that I'm not making sense. Well, the wonderfully loquacious Sharona seems to have gotten it but a few others are befuddled by the pedestal.

At what age (if any) do you feel like "holding on" to your virginity is an active detriment to your ability to exist normally within our society? Are there groups of individuals rapidly approaching their third decade on planet Earth having never indulged in erotic pleasures?

This whole concept of "holding" virginity is what spawned the "pussy on a pedestal" conversation... i mean... do you realize that you could totally be falsely advertising and elevating the pussy? what is this man going to expect? what is he going to receive? what tricks does said man have to perform or checklists does he have to conquer to achieve pussy-worthy status? AND WHAT ABOUT THE POOR PUSSY?!? who is REALLY suffering here??


Randal Cooper said...

I considered putting my penis on a pedestal once, but then thought someone might put something heavy down on top of it, like box of textbooks.

LatinaDiana said...

which brings an interesting question.. what DOES belong on a pedestal??? and thank you for keeping your parts "on the level"

Randal Cooper said...

I guess if you were blessed with a "Bust of Pallas," that might go on a pedestal.

Kristen Dollahite said...

I think most men put their penis on a pedestal. It's refreshing to see someone that doesn't.. even if it's out of a fear of boxes of textbooks.
Also, you know what goes on a pedestal? Golden idols. So I ask you, isn't putting the pussy on the pedestal like worshipping false gods? Think about it Christians. :)
In the spirit of things, from Steve Carrell, "Is it true that if you don't use it, then you lose it?"
Yes. Yes, it is.