Friday, January 25, 2008

Day One 7:10 pm

Okay, my body totally took me hostage for about 3 hours. Immediately after I stopped writing the previous journal entry, I packed my things and prepared for class to end. The pain in my ear was completely in control of me, and I decided to go to the Student Health Center instead of my next class. I felt feverish and generally sick all over and waited in the waiting room for an hour and even took a short nap. I got a Z-pack after finding out my right ear is severely infected and my left ear is pretty bad, but not in comparison with my right. I went to the pharmacy and took both pills as soon as possible. I feel SO much better. I can actually LISTEN now, whereas before, I was in such acute pain I was seriously considering going home, calling Peter, taking a Darvocet (narcotic painkiller) and passing out. I am very proud of myself because quitting Master Cleanse is not an option. Many people have quit the Master Cleanse because of a sore throat or antibiotics, but I believe my mind is so addicted to sweets & caffeine and having what it wants when it wants, that it allowed the ear infection to flare up in the hopes that I will give in. Well, I haven't been hungry at all, and every time I feel a hunger pang or any sense of emptiness I take a big swig of the lemonade - which is increasingly spicy and gross. My mind/emotions are not taking to this Cleanse very kindly and I expect it will be a couple of days before acceptance takes hold.

"Failure is not an option."

I am very proud of myself for leaving my food addiction at the door today, and I won't let ANYTHING get in the way of this detoxification process.

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