Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hints, allegations, and things left unsaid.

my dream from last night still has my head spinning.

like the smiley ,

not linda blair.

okay so in my dream, we were in a 3-bedroom apartment.

my friend alli had her own room,

and angelina jolie had her room

angelina was dating joe, my sister's exboyfriend, and i couldn't believe it... then i kept thinking that i guessed it really wasn't all THAT unbelievable (even though it was, she wouldn't touch the fucking douche-nozzle)

i showed up at their apartment, alli's boyfriend wasn't there.. and neither was angelina's... i was tired and fell on alli's bed... in hopes of passing out.

like these people:


and as i was laying on alli's bed... she was fairly scantily clad. and i saw some sort of contraption popping out of her hip. it looked like a lincoln log creation.

maybe more like a wooden marionette

i don't know.. but anyway... i asked alli about it and she said that it had been there for years and i asked her how it affected the sex and she said it simply wasn't an issue.

alli and angelina were so excited to be sans their respective men that they were BEGGING me to go to Printer's Alley... where they had 25 cent shots. 25 CENT SHOTS. i didn't want to move, but that was enough to get me there.

angelina kept talking about us all getting a tattoo together.

so next thing i know, i'm smashed out of my damn mind, and when i realize what's going on... in sudden full sobriety (the getting drunk part was cut out of my dream)... i had a stupid-looking, shitty tattoo.

i showed alli and told her that i NEVER wanted a tattoo and how did it get there????!??! how?!?! she just offered to "fix" it with her own needle and an ink pen... and i was horrified. i told her that i would deal with it later.

anyway.. i'm not sure what that dream was about... but in a way, angelina has always been a friend of mine.


don't let diana get a tattoo. especially not drunk.

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